Massage Treatments

Your first massage treatment will include a free consultation

Before your initial massage treatment I will carry out a free consultation with you to allow me insight into your basic personal details including medical conditions and lifestyle. This will then allow me to adapt any massage treatment specifically to your needs and thus allowing you the best physical, mental and emotional well-being from it. The consultation will also allow me to offer you advice to help you gain the maximum benefit after the massage treatment. I can offer advise on gentle stretching and movement exercises and on relaxation techniques to help you gain the greatest benefit from the massage. All our conversations and your personal details I will hold in complete confidentiality. Your privacy is important to me and we are commited to ensuring that we comply with current GDPR requirements.

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Massage Treatments that we offer

Therapeutic and Aromatherapy massage ITEC Cert.

I tailor your Therapeutic Massage to your own personal needs and therapeutic goals. While also relaxing, therapeutic massage can benefit you in many ways. The massage can help both physiological and psychological while easing stresses and strains. It soothes aching joints and muscular pain, loosens tight muscles and improves muscular tone. The massage can also help blood circulation and release toxins leaving you with a great sense of well-being.

The addition of Aromatherapy with Therapeutic Massage also benefits the body as the organic natural essential oil in an organic natural carrier oil are absorbed by the skin during the massage and these essential oils are then absorbed into the blood stream where their health benefits last for several days after the massage.

Deep Tissue/Sports massage therapy Level 4 Itec Cert.

Sports massage is a deep form of soft tissue work that is often applied in a sporting context. Sports massage consists of a number of techniques some of which include soft tissue release, neuromuscular techniques and muscle energy techniques, sports massage involves deeper strokes and friction to warm up and loosen soft tissue. Itís main focus is to help the athlete achieve peak performance remain injury free as well as to support the healing of injuries.

Sports massage can also be used for the benefit of all, either in prevention or rehabilitation of injuries caused through day to day living such as repetitive strain injuries and Muscle strain.

Please note that any acute injury must first be checked by a doctor or medical practitioner and assessed and treated accordingly before having massage treatments. Massage could be in-effective or detrimental if applied too soon to an injury.

Ayurvedic Indian head massage

Indian head massage is based on Ayurvedic principles in maintaining health by balancing a personís physical and emotional health. It helps to increase the actions of the bodies own healing energies the central nervous system, muscular and lymphatic systems. It can help to relieve stress headaches or tension and pain around the neck and shoulders. Neck muscles play a major role in causing or aggravating headaches and can restrict proper blood circulation to the brain, which can lead to pain in the back of the skull, temples and behind the eyes.